DC Food Policy Council

The DC Food Policy Council is a coalition of stakeholders and government representatives who have come together to identify regulatory burdens on the local food economy, collect and analyze data on the food economy and food equity, promote positive food policies, and guide organizations and individuals involved in the food economy. The act establishes a Food Policy Director in the DC Office of Planning who will promote food policy in the District, attract new participants to the local food economy, assist individuals already participating in the local food economy, and achieve the food goals identified in the Sustainable DC Plan.

Meeting 1: August 3 2016 Meeting Notes

Meeting 2: October 5 2016 Meeting Notes

Meeting 3: December 7 2016 Meeting Notes & Presentation from The Reinvestment Fund – Grocery Store Financing

Meeting 4: February 1 2017 Meeting Notes & Presentation from the Food Chain Workers Alliance – Good Food Purchasing Program

Meeting 5: April 5 2017 Meeting Notes – Food System Assessment & Food Economy Study

Meeting 6: June 6th : Department of Energy and Environment – Backyard Chickens Presentation

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