Nutrition & Health


  • Tambra Raye Stevenson, WANDA
  • Kristy McCarron, YMCA
  • Dr. James Huang, Unity Health Care

2020 Priorities: 

  1. Conduct a DC nutrition education landscape analysis. At the DC Nutrition Educators Summit in July 2019, educators called for a comprehensive summary of nutrition education programs in the District to better understand the gaps and opportunities for expanding access to nutrition and food system education for District residents.
  2. Enhance collaboration among DC nutrition educators. At the DC Nutrition Educators Summit in July 2019, educators expressed the need for shared resources including: curriculum, evaluation metrics, funding coordination, and asset mapping. A well-organized collaborative approach will enable food and nutrition educators to achieve their goals.
  3. Increase connections between the healthcare sector and nutrition and food system education. Healthcare providers are currently unaware of many nutrition education resources available to patients. To address that gap, the Council plans to research national best practices on referrals to nutrition and food system education and encourage collaboration between educators and clinicians to learn needs and opportunities.


Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Award: In October 2019, the District was internationally recognized by the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact for its approach for food as medicine programs. The District received the Highest Score Award for its Produce Plus and Produce Prescription programs. Read more about that award here.

DC Food as Medicine Programs

“Food as Medicine” includes policies and programs integrating healthy food access as a core component of health care. The DC Food Policy Council has identified promoting food as medicine programs in the District as a top priority in 2019. In collaboration with DC Health, the FPC created two resources highlighting the District’s food as medicine programs and potential ways to enhance and expand these programs.