Opportunities to Strengthen Nutrition Programs in DC to Address Senior Food Insecurity

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The DC Food Policy Council is excited to announce the release of a new report Opportunities to Strengthen Nutrition Programs in DC to Address Senior Food Insecurity. The District of Columbia has repeatedly had the highest rate of senior food insecurity among U.S. states, despite having many nutrition programs that seniors can access. This report evaluates the barriers for seniors to access nutrition program which perpetuate this trend. After presenting background information on senior food insecurity and nutrition programs in D.C., this report summarizes findings from interviews with nutrition program staff and food insecure seniors. The report concludes with recommendations focused on leveraging government-funded nutrition programs to increase senior food security in D.C.

The Office of Planning Food Policy Division and Food Policy Council were thrilled to host Fleurian Filkins, a Congressional Hunger Center Emerson Hunger Fellow, in fall 2021 – winter 2022. Fleurian was the lead researcher and writer of this report, and their in-depth and thoughtful research and interviews formed the basis of the report’s rich analysis and findings. Fleurian testified on the report’s findings at the DC Council Public Hearing for the No Senior Hungry Omnibus Amendment Act of 2021 on February 14, 2022. Check out the full recording of the hearing.

Questions about the report? Please reach out to us at dcfoodpolicy@dc.gov.