Food Security Report

Food Access & Food Security in the District of Columbia: Responding to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (September 2020)

Food insecurity is a chronic condition that existed before the onset of the public health emergency, when 10.6% of District residents were food insecure. COVID-19 has exacerbated food insecurity in the District; it is projected that the District’s food insecurity rate in 2020 will be at least 16%, with even higher rates among vulnerable populations, including the elderly, children, undocumented individuals, and unhoused individuals.

In accordance with the Coronavirus Support Emergency Amendment Act of 2020, signed into law by Mayor Bowser on May 27, 2020, this report evaluates and makes recommendations to address food access needs during and following the public health emergency.

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The September 29, 2020 DC Economic Recovery Townhall featured a panel discussion on the report, including our partners at Martha’s Table, Dreaming Out Loud, and DC Central Kitchen.