Healthy Food Access

Universal Free School Meals (December 2022)

Universal Free School Meals is a policy that can be passed at the federal or state level to provide free breakfast and lunch to every student. Universal free school meals increase access to school meals and reduce stigma for children who rely on free meals. In 2022, the Food Policy Council developed recommendations to bring Universal Free School Meals to DC, with the assistance of Stephanie Schmeltzer, a graduate student at CUNY School of Public Health.

See the Universal Free School Meals Policy Brief HERE.

See the Universal Free School Meals Presentation HERE.

Farmers Market Map (April 2022)

Find your closest farmers market, including which markets accept SNAP benefits, WIC benefits, WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program benefits, and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program benefits (click image to access map):

Urban Agriculture Story Map (July 2020)

Explore DC’s 17 operating farms, including visual highlights of 10 operating farms (click image to access story map):

1-Pager: New Healthy Food Retail in Wards 7 and 8 (click image to download):
Map of all of the grocery stores in the District in 2018 (click image to access map):
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