Local Food Business & Labor Development


  • Eric Kessler
  • Caesar Layton
  • Jonas Singer

Goals, Progress, and Current Projects:

The goals of the Local Food Business and Labor Development Working Group, outlined in the Food Policy Council’s Strategic Plan, include:

SHORT TERM – Support the FPC food economy assessment by providing input, direction, and assistance with research. Study the food policies, regulations, and legislation that affect food businesses and compile for easier sharing with the business community.

  • Progress and Current Projects:
    • Food economy study: The FPC is finalizing the food economy study, with a planned publication date of January 2019.
    • DC Food Workforce Development Strategy: The FPC is advising the Food Policy Director on a grant-funded project to develop a DC Food Workforce Development Strategy. This project is supported by Kaiser Permanente.

SHORT TERM – Assist with the Cottage Food Act guidelines, regulations, and
implementation of the new law. Assist with marketing the Cottage Food Act business opportunity to community members, new and existing businesses and work with the Department of Health.

  • Progress and Current Projects: 
    • Final regulations: DC Health released the final cottage food regulations in September 2017, which include a list of what non-hazardous foods can be prepared by cottage food producers and where sales can take place.
    • Fact sheet: The FPC created a fact sheet on the cottage food regulations with guidance for potential cottage food producers.

LONG TERM – Support food polices that support FEED-DC Act supermarket tax incentive and food retailers.

Sustainable DC Food Goal 3: Develop the food industry into a strong and viable
economic sector. Target: By 2032, produce or obtain 25% of food within a 100-mile