Universal Free School Meals in DC

Universal Free School Meals is a policy that can be passed at the federal or state level to provide free breakfast and lunch to every student. Universal free school meals increase access to school meals and reduce stigma for children who rely on free meals. In 2022, the Food Policy Council developed recommendations to bring Universal Free School Meals to DC, with the assistance of Stephanie Schmeltzer, a graduate student at CUNY School of Public Health.

See the Universal Free School Meals Policy Brief HERE.

See the Universal Free School Meals Presentation HERE.


One thought on “Universal Free School Meals in DC

  1. This is incredibly well thought out and in my personal opinion, is complete common sense! Ending the “poverty-stigma” that comes with the current model will undoubtedly also have subliminal positive impacts on school culture, child-learning outcomes, and student engagement. Love this!

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