Request for Information for USDA Grant Opportunity!

The Government of the District of Columbia intends to apply for a funding opportunity through the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). This opportunity will be approximately $1,100,000 and is through the Local Food Purchase Assistance Cooperative Agreement Program (LFPA). The focus of this grant opportunity is to:

  • Strengthen the District’s local and regional food system;
  • Help to support local, regional, and socially disadvantaged farmers/producers through building and expanding economic opportunities; and
  • Establish and broaden partnerships between farmers/producers and the food distribution community (District government institutions, community-based food organizations, farmers’ markets, etc.), to ensure distribution of fresh and nutritious foods in underserved communities.

In response to this grant opportunity the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED), in collaboration with the Office of Planning (OP), is requesting input from organizations in the District that work with socially disadvantaged farmers/producers and distribute fresh and nutritious food to underserved communities (those that face, or at higher risk of, food insecurity) in the District, either directly or through a partner organization, on the design and approach to a new program to increase food access, strengthen the local economy, and establish partnerships with food producers. The program is anticipated to be implemented within the next year.

Click this link to view the full RFI on the DMPED website. Organizations interested in applying are encouraged to review the solicitation and submit information before the March 4th deadline.


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