Vaccines for Food Sector Workers

The availability of a COVID-19 vaccine fills us with hope and we encourage every resident to get vaccinated when you are eligible. To that end, we are sharing DC’s vaccination schedule and encourage you to register at to get alerts as DC moves to the next tier of vaccinations.

Individuals working in the following sectors of the DC food system will be eligible for vaccination appointments in the following phases/tiers (currently, the District is in Phase 1B, Tier 1):

  • Individuals working in grocery stores will be eligible in Phase 1B, Tier 2;
  • Individuals working inhealth, human services, or social services outreach programs, including non-profits distributing emergency food assistance, will be eligible in Phase 1B, Tier 3;
  • Individuals working in food packaging and distribution, including at farmers markets, will be eligible in Phase 1B, Tier 3; and
  • Individuals working in food service, including at restaurants, will be eligible in Phase 1C, Tier 1.

In terms of proof of employment, it can be an ID badge, email from supervisor, or other proof. DC Health is aiming to be flexible.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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