Mission, Structure, Roles


The DC Food Policy Council (DCFPC) will promote food access, food sustainability, and a local food economy in the District.


The District of Columbia Food Policy Council was established through the DC Food Policy Council and Director Establishment Act of 2014. The Sustainable DC Plan and community advocates in 2014 and 2015 food and urban agriculture DC Council roundtables called for the DCFPC. The DCFPC was inspired by the many people around the county and world working to increase food access, security, and sovereignty by strengthening and revitalizing local food systems and economies.  Local advocates recognized that many different communities and agencies have been addressing issues of food equity, access, agriculture, and business and related health disparities in the District of Columbia for many years. The DCFPC’s goal is to bring these parties together in one place to collaborate on improving food access, equity, and economy for all in the District.


  1. Monitor regulatory barriers to the development of a local food economy, including barriers to the operations of farmers markets, existing food assets in the local food economy, and job creation potential in the local food economy. This will be included in the annual report submitted to the Council of the District of Columbia and may be reported to the Council and relevant agencies more frequently if needed;
  2. Collect and analyze data on the local food economy and food access in the District, including an assessment of food deserts; and
  3. Monitor and research national best practices in food policy, including public health policy for dietary-related illness, and determine how they could be implemented in the District.
  4. The Food Policy Council shall advise the Food Policy Director on how to promote food access, food sustainability, and a local food economy in the District, how to reduce regulatory barriers to the development of a local food economy, and how to implement national best practices in food policy in the District.




DC Food Policy Members

DC Food Policy Members are appointed by the Mayor’s Office of Talent and Appointments. DCFPC members participate in 6 full council meetings each year (on the reoccurring day TBD of every other month, 6PM-8PM, except November and December). Each DCFPC member is also required to serve on a policy work group. The policy working groups meet on DCFPC meeting off months (every other month) to advance policy work in the interim between meetings. Members interested in strategic leadership are encouraged to chair work groups.

DC Food Policy Working Group Members

Four to eight additional members of the public (non-appointed members) may participate as members in each of the four public working groups.


All are invited to participate and attend the public meetings of the DC Food Policy Council. Find out when and where our meetings will be on our calendar.