Mayoral Initiatives

Mayor Bowser MUFPP

Mayor Bowser and FPC Chair Spike Mendelsohn at the US Conference of Mayors

As co-chair of the Food Policy Task Force at the US Conference of Mayors, Mayor Bowser leads mayors across the country in examining emerging food policy issues.

Two of key highlights under her leadership include:

1) Signing the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and amplifying the international agreement to the US Conference of Mayors

2) Urging Congress to protect SNAP in the Farm Bill from proposed harsh work requirements that could result in the loss of food assistance benefits for thousands of people in the program.

Mayor Bowser’s urgency and passion for food issues propel the District as a leader in urban food policy, and her support as well as the support of policymakers at the DC City Council have been key in the success of the DC Food Policy Council.

Other resolutions under Mayor Bowser’s leadership included:

  • Food Waste Reduction goals
  • Good Food Local Procurement Policy implementation
  • Grocery Access and Healthy Food Financing legislation