Urban Agriculture


  • Christopher Bradshaw
  • Joelle Robinson

Goals, Progress, and Current Projects:

The goals of the Urban Agriculture Working Group, outlined in the Food Policy Council’s Strategic Plan, include:

SHORT TERM – Focus on the implementation of the existing D.C. Urban Farming and Food Security Act of 2014 legislation and collaborating with DC agencies to get land in the hands of local farmers. Pursue potential amendments to it and determining which other specific fixes may be needed to influence and improve it for local farmers.

  • Progress and Current Projects:
    • Urban Land Lease Program: Under the FPC’s encouragement and advisement, the Department of General Services (DGS) is starting to implement the 2014 law by leasing two parcels of District land to urban farmers for a free 5-13 year lease. The FPC is working with DGS and other District and federal agencies to identify more parcels to be leased.
    • Urban Agriculture Tax Credit: The FPC is encouraging and advising DGS and the Office of Tax and Revenue to implement the urban agriculture tax credit, approved in the 2014 law, which provides a property tax abatement to private landowners that lease their property (including rooftops) for urban agriculture.

LONG TERM – Provide support for key challenges for urban agriculture including land access, barriers to production, community education, community garden training and support.

Sustainable DC Food Goal 1: Increase agricultural land uses within the District. Target: By 2032, put 20 additional acres of land under cultivation for growing food.