The District of Columbia Food Policy Council was established through the DC Food Policy Council and Director Establishment Act of 2014 to bring together food system leaders and government agencies to focus on food access, equity, and the food economy.



The DC Food Policy Council includes 13 appointed members who represent the following sectors of the food economy.

  • Community Organizations, Residents, and Youth
  • Business Community
  • Rural and Regional Organizations
  • Health and Education Organizations
  • Government (non-voting)

The members shall be representative of established public, nonprofit, and for-profit entities and organizations involved in the local food economy or food access in the District. Members will provide expertise in one or more local food-related issues such as agriculture, food security and access, nutrition, food business and industrial practices, food education and research, land use and urban food production and distribution. Members are recruited by the Mayor’s Office of Talent and Appointments and must be confirmed by the DC Council. After the initial phase-in period, Food Policy Council members will serve terms for three years, at which point they will be encouraged to re-apply for membership and/or nominate a candidate with similar expertise. Membership in the Food Policy Council is a serious commitment of time and effort and should only be pursued by those with the capacity to give both time and attention to the work. The Council will meet bi-monthly and meetings will be open to the public.